Why the title?

"Pioneers take the arrows"

Oh, wait. I should be upbeat and taking arrows doesn't sound like an upbeat thing to say.

So, let me amend that statement.

It was courage and vision that led the pioneers to leave behind a comfortable, settled life and trek West to begin a new life in a new place. Many of those from the East that went West found a strength within themselves that they didn't see while they were in their old life. Instead of being one of those that just kind of went along with the others in the old life, they became leaders and visionaries in their new lives.

The sentiments of that last paragraph come from a favorite author, Louis L'Amour, in many of his books. So, I can't really say that it is an original thought from me. However, what he said is truthful.

Welcome to being a pioneer. Look ahead and ignore the "barking dogs" that give you negative opinions and comments. Louis L'Amour also spoke of the barking dogs.

In some of his stories, it was usually a father or older man telling a young boy how it was that when the Westward bound Conestoga wagons rolled through towns, the dogs came out to bark at them. His character then told the young listener that the barking didn't stop the wagons from going on to their destinations.

Following the advice of the Louis L'Amour characters, may we all forge ahead with our plans, after carefully considering all consequences and leave the "barkers" behind.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Hopefully Optimistic

Today we had an appointment to do some signing. We have had an offer on our house and we have agreed on a price with that interested party. At the moment, I am mostly optimistic because it is contingent upon their home in Topeka, Kansas selling for them. While we were doing all the paperwork, the other party did say that there were a couple of parties interested in their home.

Now, it is just a matter of waiting things out. The contingence has the natural clause that will allow the first party (the above mentioned party) have first chance at the house should we get another party interested enough to make an offer for the house. The first party will have 72 hours to decide to go ahead with the buy or take a pass. If they pass, the second offer then would come to pass.

Actually, I hope that this party does succeed with selling their home. Jo and I really like them and would like to see them get this house. In a way, we will be sorry when the house does sell, because it has been the nicest house in which we have ever lived.


It has been a long process, being just over 2 ½ years since we first put it on the market. Just before the 2008 elections and the uncertainty that was associated with that process.

Selling the house will not put us on the road to traveling. What it will do is put us on the road to really hammering the debt that we have, which will allow us to travel after we retire in a few years. What is now a fairly large house payment will let us put sizeable chunks of money on existing debt.

We did the signing today because it looks like we have another blizzard coming our way in the next day or two. I can smell cabin fever again. Yeesh, I’ll be glad when this winter is over. With luck, we won’t have to actually move out until after the cold weather has passed for the year. If we do have to move out sooner, I’ll have to work at putting some skirting around the Mobile Suites, and put up a fence around it all for the dogs.

We would appreciate anyone’s prayers in a successful selling of our interested party’s home and thus ours as well.

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  1. I have learned, the hard way, the past few weeks, that you can't count on anything until the dotted lines are actually signed. Not pertaining to the house, which actually goes on the market when we leave (relatives staying with it until it sells), but we thought our business was sold and done..not so fast young man!! It won't affect our plans, but it sure does beat you down with all the lawyering. Cautiously optimistic it will work out, but until it's signed...hope to see you soon down the road!


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